Super PRP

Platelet Rich Plasma

The procedure comprises of a small quantity of blood, approximately 25 millilitres (depending on the treatment required) being drawn from the patient and then subjected to a centrifuge process at variable speeds to separate the platelet-rich plasma high in protein growth factor content away from the blood’s other components (red and white cells and PPP).


The concentrated rich platelets are then activated and injected at the patient’s treatment site.


In addition, the unconcentrated platelet plasma can be processed with special equipment to be transformed into a filler in the form of a jelly and used in the place of other types of filler with very good results, thanks to the latest advanced technologies.


In theory, the growth factors stimulate the treated area. PRP application today extends to many different medical fields: cosmetic, hair loss, hair transplant by means of reinforcing treatment, dermatological treatments such as severe burns, non-healing ulcers, plastic surgery, orthopaedics and sports injuries, knee therapy, tennis elbow, arthritis, ophthalmology, dental: implants, maxillofacial and periodontal surgeries, as well as in general surgery and cardiovascular applications, with very good results in many cases.


How can I be sure this treatment is safe and effective for me?

You may arrange an informative consultation with Dra. Virginia Benitez to decide the best procedure or combination approach that may help you achieve your goals.

Equipment for processing PPP to a Biological Filer

After processing PPP to a Biological Filer Gel