The OligoScan is revolutionary bio-technical equipment able to measure in real time the bioavailability of trace elements (in mineral form), such as heavy metals and oxidative stress in our body at cellular level.


The OligoScan measures up to 20 important minerals and 14 toxic metals using a hand scanner.


The qualitative and quantitative detection of these elements allows for an evaluation of the body’s general functioning as well as the interaction with the environment around us.


Many scientific studies deal with the depletion of the nutrients in our foods. This depletion, accompanied by an increase of food additives, can cause mineral imbalances that give rise to several health problems.

If we know that certain minerals are at inferior levels to the norm, we can indicate suitable supplementation to correct the deficits or excesses.


The early detection of toxic metals such as mercury, lead, aluminium, arsenic, etc. in the body will make it possible to identify and to treat those problems associated with them, whereupon, we are able to prevent damage to different organs such as the brain, liver and kidneys. 


Small amounts of some of these metals are common in our environment and foods, in fact they are necessary for good health but great amounts of any of them can cause acute or chronic poisoning.


The OligoScan is a spectrophotometer that gives a quantitative analysis of the density of a chemical substance when it is irradiated with laser light. 


The basic principle is that each chemical compound absorbs, emits or reflects the light (electromagnetic radiation) over a range of wavelengths.  The denser the sample, the more light it will absorb.


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  • Procedure in the doctor's office, simple and without pain.

  • Fast results (in minutes)