Hr3 Low Level  Laser Hair Therapy


1/ Medical treatment

The appropriate medical treatment will be determined by the doctor after a consultation. There are several options: carboxy-therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy, mesotherapy, treatment with minoxidil and/or finasteride. After the treatment method has been decided, the doctor will also prescribe a complementary at-home treatment made up of 2 products, which is the second phase of Hr3.


2/ Low-level laser therapy (LLLT)

LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) are well known for their ability to stimulate cells in different areas of the skin, depending on the wavelength selected. Until now, this type of therapy was only available at a medical centre. Skymedic makes this innovative device with diodes available to both doctors and patients, allowing for daily at-home treatment. It has 120 diodes (low-wattage lights), better known as LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy).This specific number of light sources ensures homogenous coverage of the whole area to be treated. Exposing the affected area to this low-level laser on a daily basis makes the cells involved in the physiological hair-growth process kick into high gear, powerfully stimulating regeneration and progressively recovering the dynamism of the various stages of hair growth.


3/ Proglyme treatment: A highly powerful nutricosmetic

Proglyme, an exclusive, extremely pure nutricosmetic, provides a high concentration of a group of essential amino acids that are normally lacking in our diet. This specifically ensures the necessary nutrition for the optimal state of the hair follicle. This substrate also serves to generate collagen and elastin, which help properly to root the protective cover that holds up the hair shaft. Thus, we are talking about a three-step method with active, synchronised involvement of both the doctor and patient in two phases: initial medical treatment and at-home maintenance. The latter is key to complementing the medical treatment, optimising and maintaining the results obtained through the medical treatment at the healthcare centre.


How can I be sure this treatment is safe and effective for me?

You may arrange a free consultation with Dra. Virginia Benitez to decide the best procedure or combination approach that may help you achieve your goals.