CryoSlim® is based on AdipoCryoApoptosis® technology and is the latest lipo-reduction method, it is non-invasive and painless.


The principle is to use cold temperatures to generate an apoptosis effect, which is the progressive and definitive destruction of the adipocytes (fat cells). It has been demonstrated that fat cells are particularly sensitive to the cold and CryoSlim utilises that sensitivity without injuring the adjacent tissue.


CryoSlim® uses a new advanced technology and has four different sized suction

heads designed to give better results.


Any adipose area can be treated, such as localised fat in the abdomen, below the

arms, inner thighs, back folds, buttocks and more.


How can I be sure this treatment is safe and effective for me?

You may arrange an informative consultation with Dra. Virginia Benitez to decide the best procedure or combination approach that may help you achieve your goals.

Visible results after four weeks.

It provides all round coldness and a smooth shape after treatment.

Completely safe.

No side effects.


No pain. 

Made in France
Before                            After 

Courtesy Dr JLH Vigneron

Courtesy Dr JLH Vigneron