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Bioplasty technique, dermal fillers procedure, Clinic in Marbella Spain

Bioplasty, the aesthetic surgery without cuts, is performed by means of implants of biomaterials into the deep anatomical planes using a minimally invasive process to increase the volume of certain areas of the face and the body. 


These substances are biocompatible and are deeply implanted through a small hole made in the skin with a needle, without cutting or stitching. Microcannulas with rounded tips are used, so the blood vessels and nerves are not injured.
Everything is done with local anaesthesia in the doctor's office environment itself, with the possibility of taking the patient step by step through the procedure using a mirror.  

The result is seen immediately, sometimes second sessions for a better result may be necessary.

The technique is suitable for men and women and can create beautiful lines and shapes for those who do not have them or enhance the beauty one already has.

You can also restore the beauty lost from ageing or complement the result of previous facial cosmetic surgery.


How can I be sure this treatment is safe and effective for me?

You may arrange an nformative consultation

with Dra. Virginia Benitez to decide the best procedure or combination approach that may help you achieve your goals.

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